Marnie Telfer

Technical Specialist

Marnie has a PhD in Chemical Engineering and has worked as a carbon and GHG accounting specialist in the climate change industry for the last 10 years. She has extensive experience in providing guidance to the Department of Environment for ERF/CFI methodology development, including the audit/review of the following Determinations: Avoided Deforestation, Herd Management for Beef Cattle, Reduced Rates of Nitrogen Fertiliser. As part of a team, she also received funding to develop a proposed methodology: Rehabilitation of Degraded Woodlands. Marnie has also provided consulting services to develop the GHG Abatement Excel Calculator for Irrigated Cotton Determination and audited the Herd Management for Beef Cattle Determination’s GHG Abatement Excel Calculator tool. She also conducted a preliminary audit assessment of the Herd Management Determination to evaluate key risks for project proponents and auditors under this project type.

Marnie has audited approximately 20 human-induced regeneration projects (approved Determination v1.1) as the technical specialist for Ndevr Environmental.  She audits and verifies all the geospatial data, RMT inputs and simulations, as well as the GHG accounting and monitoring components of these projects.